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Итак, после почти 4 месяцев скитаний и странствований я наконец-то дома.. Теперь можно вдохнуть полной грудью!

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diwi, diwi, diwi...
toljko vsjo ravno nenadiwiwsja :)

kakogo na rodine?
kak tvoj maliw pozhivaet ;)?

I'm sorry I can't undersant a word of what you're writting, I just wanted to say I runned into your LJ and found the layout wonderful :)

thank's a lot :) r u from spain?

I'm from Barcelona, I study in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (hopefully not for long though, I expect to finish this year ^^) In fact that's how I runned into your LJ, I was looking for some other people that had studied there :)

Well, I also studied there during 3 monthes as Erasmus student:)

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